December 2, 2021



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What is DC3C?
DC3C is a program of the DC Special Education Cooperative. Our goal is for all students with disabilities to leave high school prepared for DC’s 3Cs: Career, College, and Community.

What is DC3C Next Steps?
Next Steps is an annual career conference run by DC3C. This year next steps will be a week-long virtual event.

By participating in Next Steps, students will increase their awareness of post high school education and training programs in DC.

Making the Most of DC3C Next Steps

Why you should register for DC3C Next Steps

  • Earn points for prizes (gift cards, play stations, airpods etc.) by engaging in activities
  • Explore free or low-cost education and training programs in DC
  • Plan your next steps after high school
  • Gain an advantage by learning about certifications employers want
  • Network with your RSA counselor
  • Be entered into a raffle to win GIFT CARDS, iPAD, AIRPODS, OR A PLAYSTATION 4 when you complete exit surveys.

How do I register?

  • If you attend a charter school complete this form
  • If you attend a DCPS, non-pubic or are out of school, contact your RSA counselor or complete this form


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you’ll need to register for this event.
If you attend a charter school complete this link
If you attend a DCPS, non-public or are a college student, contact your RSA counselor or email us at
Students 14-26 who are affiliated with DC RSA
Between November 8 and November 12 you will email you a link to the address on file. Click the log-in button at the top and sign in with the email address
No. There will a chat box for Q&A
Yes, we will have ASL (video) and language transcriptions available. If you have questions please contact us at by November 8, 2021